Moaconcept was born in Florence in 2013. The collective project of a group of young Italian designers with international backgrounds, Moaconcept celebrates their passion for art and design. They are united by their creativity, and driven by their individual creative influences and inspirations. Moaconcept is comprised of two collections; MOA Master of Arts was the first to established in 2013, followed by Playground in 2018. Moaconcept is imbued with an innate sense of Italian sophistication and style, but led by an international mindset.
Moaconcept combines artistic inspiration with an awareness of the current luxury market.


Change is what happens when ideas come together.
Our mission is to inspire, educate and encourage those who dare to be unique and independent. We celebrate self-expression and create products that embody art and creativity. We design for people who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and actively live in the moment, rather than observing from the outside.


Moaconcept welcomes the collections Master of Arts and Playground, that intepret a modern version of made in Italy tradition.

Master of Arts is aimed at an audience of 30 more years. Best described as passionate art lovers who are inspired by creativity, they are
innovators, trend-setters or even groundbreaking forward thinkers. Instead, they admire talent and incorporate art into their lifestyle by the means
of museum visits and exhibitions.

Playground audience are younger in age range, established as between 20-30 years.
These individuals are excited and passionate about art that happens beyond museum walls; an example of this may be street art or performative art. They are dreamers, free thinkers and want to be recognised as individuals. For this individual, art is so much more than buying a ticket for an exhibition of paintings hung in a gallery.

Partnerships and Licensing 

We approach all we do with a collaborative mindset. From collaborations with upcoming street artists, to our award-winning Disney licensed project, we are inspired by sharing creative ideas.
In 2016, we were awarded Disney Licensee of the year. Since 2015, our Disney collaboration has resulted in sales valued at over 6 million.
We launched our collaboration with Swarovski for Fall/Winter 2018, in which we presented a collection of limited edition crystal embellished sneakers.