Our Story

The MOA concept was born in Florence in 2013 after a fortuitous encounter between a group of young creatives from different cultures, who were united by their same passion for art. East and West collided in an explosion of design and technology, creating a union and the inception of a brand that interprets art in unconventional and contemporary ways.

The epitome of modernity and urban sophistication, MOA’s commitment to contemporary and innovative design combines concepts and trends with exceptional craftsmanship. MOA uses the most advanced printing techniques and finest materials to release art, fashion and style in each piece created. MOA is an urban and stylish Italian brand that brings art to people through contemporary fashion.

We love Art

Can you imagine a world without art? For us, art has the power to start conversations, to inspire and to become contemporary fashion. Charles Bukowski said "An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way." We love art for it’s diversity, it’s an endless source of inspiration. Art is our ‘fil rouge’ in every collection.